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Historical Timeline

Rutherford Electrical Engineering Services Pty Ltd (REES) was founded in 1989 with a vision and focus to cater to the specialist market, fault location, servicing and repair of high voltage cables. Since the inception of our company we have diversified to suit the ever changing market and now offer a vast range of products and services to suit our continually expanding client base.

REES Historical Timeline

April 1989: (1 employee)
Rutherford Electrical Engineering Services founded.

January 1996: (4 employees )
Obtained certification as a Quality Endorsed Company under AS/NZS 9001:2000 – Licence Number QEC5111. The company registration covers on site electrical testing, fault location, repair and jointing of high, medium and low voltage cables, testing and repair of ancillary equipment as well as the retail sale of electrical test equipment.

October 2000: (10 employees )
Obtained accreditation with the Chief Inspector of Coal Mines as a ‘Class B’ Workshop for the Flameproof Repair and Overhaul of Back-to-Back Couplers, Monitor Plugs and Dummy Plugs’.

May 2001: (11 employees)
Installation of our first High Voltage Borehole Cable.

July 2002: (14 employees )
Established the Electronics Division initially from Tomago,

December 2003: (18 employees)
REES moves to a larger complex at 31 Kyle Street Rutherford.

July 2004: (25 employees)
Established Communications Division. Electronics Division moves from Tomago into the new Electronics Lab built at our new Rutherford premises at 31 Kyle Street. Rutherford.

April 2005: (27 employees)
Established CCTV Division.

May 2007:(32 employees)
Improvements to the Borehole Equipment , Introduction of a Corner Wheel and a Main Wheel rated for 25t cables.

June 2008: (33 employees)
Launch of the REES Sniper 11KV Coupler Voltage Detector. After 2 years R&D this unique kit has been widely accepted by the mining sector.

August 2009: ( 34 employees)
REES Electronics Division Designs and Builds a Specialised Testing Van with an 80KV on board generator.

November 2010 : ( 33 employees)
Clas “B” Workshop upgraded to the new AS/NZS3800:2005 accreditation. Upgraded to ANZEx scheme for Flameproof Workshops.

May 2011: (33 employees)
Specialised Container manufactured for Borehole Cable Projects. Designed and Construction of a Larger Cable Drum Stand rated at 21t.

June 2012: (30 employees)
Communications and CCTV Division merged.

December 2019: (30 Employees)
REES moved into our new facilities at 15 Paddock Place, Rutherford, NSW 2320.

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